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"How do I schedule an appointment?"

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please complete the Counseling Registration Form. Once completed, Emily will contact you within 24 business hours to obtain some additional information and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. 

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"How long will I be in counseling?"

The short answer is, it depends. There is no prescriptive amount of time that you will need to go to counseling. This will depend on your goals and how much you want to make changes in your life. Emily offers both brief, solution-focused counseling and long-term therapy. Within the first three sessions, you will develop a plan for your treatment and the potential length of time you will need will be discussed with you.

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"How long is each session?"

After the initial 75 minute session, each session will be about 50-55 minutes. If you are finding that this is not enough time for you each week, you may schedule an additional session within the same week if there is one available. This will be determined individually with each client. Most clients attend once per week or once every other week, but the amount of sessions will be designed around your needs or desires.

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"Will I be prescribed medication?"

Emily is not a medical doctor, but she will work closely with your physician or psychiatrist if you authorize her to do so. Emily has a positive working relationship with many of the physicians in town and will consult with them on your behalf if you prefer. In addition, she welcomes feedback from physicians if they want to contact her to discuss your progress or lack of progress. Emily has excellent knowledge of a variety of psychotropic medications and will understand why you are being prescribed what you are. For most people, medication and therapy together is the best combination for long-term progress and success. If you are not on medication when you begin counseling, Emily will discuss the pros and cons of medication with you and can recommend a physician or psychiatrist for you if you desire.

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"How much does it cost to go to counseling?"

Most therapists within this area charge between $100-$150 per session. Insurance companies will pay a good portion of this. Emily will work with your insurance company if you choose to file. Emily is in network with some companies but will help you file out of network if she is not. All of this will be arranged in advance of your first session so that you will know in general what your out-of-pocket cost will be by the first session. However, the amount may vary until there is a pattern established (by about the third session). If you choose to file your insurance, Emily will be required to determine a psychiatric diagnosis for you. 

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"What are the benefits of not using my insurance?"

For those opting for self-pay, there will be no confusion about what the cost will be for each session. Also, you can attend as many or as little sessions as you desire or is recommended without a third party determining what they believe you need. Insurance companies can decide at any time that you do not meet criteria to continue in treatment and this can be stressful for people. Finally, there is no requirement to provide you with a psychiatric diagnosis. 



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